Uniquely talented

TafelJazz Players

Meet H3O’s friends and family who brought this music to life

Eric Heukeshoven, piano

Hans Heukeshoven, drums & vibes

Hans double-majored in percussion performance and computer science. He is a successful software engineer who continues to pursue his passion in music playing with H3O and teaching the next generation of musicians. (He’s also the father of Felix, Eric & Janet’s first grandson, for whom Great Expectations was composed.)

Eric began playing professionally at age 15 with the Dixie Ramblers in Moline, Illinois. Eric retired after 35 years of college teaching and currently serves as director of Worship, Music, & Arts for Central Lutheran Church in Winona, Minnesota. He holds music degrees from Indiana University and the University of Minnesota.

Max Heukeshoven, bass

Max will be the first to tell you that his dad made him choose the bass when he was young. Whether or not that’s true, Max is an incredibly talented player with the ability to know where a song is going even when he’s never heard it before.

Janet Heukeshoven, flute

For many years, Janet’s repertoire was strictly classical – then she decided to learn to improvise and play jazz. After a career spanning more than 30 years as a dedicated professor of music, “Dr. H." now has time to work on her jazz chops. When she performs with the trio they call it “H3O+mom."

John Sievers, trombone & vocals

John is a fixture of the Rochester, Minnesota music scene. In addition to his own groups, The D’Sievers and Loud Mouth Brass, he can be found playing with area groups like The Soul Train and Jaggedease on any given day. When not making music (which is rare), Dr. Sievers teaches in the English department at Rochester Community and Technical College.

John Paulson, sax & flute

Brett Huus, audio engineer

Master of his craft, Brett is a Grammy Award winning audio engineer. A talented musician in his own right, Brett owns and operates SoundStrations Studios in La Crosse, Wisconsin. You would not be listening to TafelJazz had it not been for the skill and experience Brett brought to the project.

Dr. John C. Paulson is Professor Emeritus from Saint Mary’s University where he taught for 32 years. After his retirement, he formed the John Paulson Big Band. The group is dedicated to playing John’s original jazz compositions. He is also the godfather of bassist Max Heukeshoven. (Paulsonjazz.com)

Terri Lieder, graphic designer

Terri is one of the most talented graphic designers in our region. She recently retired but will stay connected to graphic design through her own agency - TARASA creative as well as pursuing other interests. When Hans and Max were young, they shared a nanny along with Terri’s three children.

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